Momo’s Hotel started as a small hostel for travelers and backpackers 27 years ago.
It is the longest established of its type in Tel Aviv and remains the most popular. Back in the 1980s and the 1990s, Momo’s was home to those who just checked in and could not bring themselves to check out… Some of these old guests still come and visit from time to time and warm our heart with reminiscing on their nice memories…

Momo’s hotel has recently been renovated, which along with keeping pace with the requirement of the modern traveler, replaced many of the original dormitory rooms with private rooms, leaving only a few dormitories remaining.
Whilst moving with the times, the hostel retains its position today as THE venue in downtown Tel Aviv. It is suitable for everyone, including young couples who come for a short vacation in Israel and just can’t miss Tel Aviv, young groups of friends who just want to hang out and enjoy the night life, as well as travelers of all ages who come on their own and enjoy the nice beach and the city facilities and more – in short, there is something fun and interesting for everyone.

At Momo’s, we are always very happy to meet new people everyday who are welcomed with a big smile.

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