Private Single rooms,private bathroom Private Single rooms, private bathroom

These rooms are suitable for 1 person only.

The rooms have their own bathroom, a desk and tv.


Accepted credit cards American Express, Visa, Mastercard
Adults 1
General 24-Hour Front Desk, Free Parking Allocated



Tel Aviv Beach

The beautiful white beaches of Tel Aviv are the city’s most popular attraction and a must for any visitor.

Open markets
There are open markets where you can get fresh food, cheap clothes and just wonder around.

Old Jaffa
You can’t miss Old Jaffa and its beautiful port. You will surely love its aroma and unique character.

Tel Aviv Nightlife
Tel Aviv known as one of the world’s top party cities whether you’re 20 or 60, whether you love serious clubbing or mellow nights, you can find just the right place for you.

  • PRICE: €50/ Night

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